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Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller in New York, by Sam Shaw

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Vice now running shit. Starting w Ultraviolence

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lifeandliesofmairead: you are seriously my favourite blog, love it so so much, cant believe you're irish! (saw in ask about films) xxx

aw thank you so much! that’s really sweet. haha yeah, you wouldn’t guess it with my french-y username :)

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bernaling: 26, 27, 28 :)

26. a movie that portrays your ideal world:

- oh wow. i don’t even know. obviously i’d love to live in a hyper-organised, futura-font-filled, primary-coloured wes anderson world. i love the childish summery feel of the moonrise kingdom world, but i love the old money new york feel of the royal tenembaums world. probably the royal tenenbaums. i like that world. i’d like to exist within it. i mean, there’s also the harry potter world, actually. i’d kill for that to be real. 

27. a movie that makes you nostalgic: 

- so many. disney renaissance movies. the parent trap. it takes two. richie rich. home alone 1 & 2. the land before time. a simple wish. andre. matilda. madeleine. yeah, lots. all the mid-late 90s and ealry 00s kids movies, basically.

28. cannes or the oscars?

- the oscars. cannes is cool, but i love the hype of the oscars and the big show and the fashion frenzy and everything about it. i buy into it. it’s a fun night. i get really excited for it. oscar wins don’t mean much to me, but i love seeing people i admire get awards and look really happy and stuff. so, yeah. oscars. 


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― Clueless (1995)
"Everything I think and everything I do is wrong."